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Accounting WordleCpa Resources

AuditNet®, the global resource for auditors and accountants provides tools and templates for CPAs. 

If you would like to contribute resources or suggest additions to the AVL please contact us.  

Interested in adding a resource to the library?  Click here!

Surgent Surgent CPA Review – Best CPA Exam Review course prep for student seeking to study and pass the CPA Exam. Surgent utilizes A.S.A.P adaptive learning technology with real-time personalization to help students learn to pass the CPA Exam by studying less and focusing on what they don’t know.

AuditNet® offers audit program templates for auditors by direct subscriptions as well as through site license partners. We also offer special workpaper templates for CPAs that are now available through subscriptions. These workpaper templates are Excel formatted workbooks covering financial statement audits. If you would like to download these templates then you will need to purchase a Premium Subscription.

  1. Audit Program Template for Workpaper Organization and Indexing - workbook includes worksheets for correspondence and confirmation letters
  2. Audit Program Template for Preliminary and General Audit Procedures - major procedures and steps that should be performed in an audit engagement. 
  3. Audit Program Template for Substantive Tests - specified audit procedures to certain audit objectives relating to the assertions embodied in financial statements.  
  4. Audit Program Template for Control Testing - major procedures and steps that are typically in an audit engagement when the auditor decides to test internal controls. 
  5. CPA Audit Working Papers Manual - comprehensive Excel workbook with individual worksheets for planning, execution, completion and reporting phase of the audit. 

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